Increase Muscle Tone & Burn Calories!

State-of-the-art eBodySculpt protocols help you get a firmer, smoother, toned body in a fast, effective and healthy way with no harmful side effects.*

Featured on national TV shows like Oprah, The Discovery Channel, TLC, and in national magazines, eBodySculpt is being hailed a fitness and beauty, body image breakthrough.


FDA Approved

Electro-Slim by Madame et Monsieur is an FDA approved medical device that has been used successfully around the world since 1983 to lose weight fast. The noninvasive, no-impact “workout” takes place in a private room at Silver Wolf Training in Las Vegas, and has the unique ability to tone and tighten targeted areas of the body via electrode pads that are placed on the skin.


What it Does

This device is known to have the unique ability to tone and tighten targeted areas of the body via electrodes. These electrodes deliver specific frequencies to targeted areas of the body to help:

  • Increase the flow of oxygenated blood
  • Improve circulation
  • Work with the body’s lymphatic system to promote detoxification
  • Tone muscles
  • Burn calories
  • Smooth out cellulite
  • Tighten sagging skin
  • Improve your metabolism to reach your weight goals

*Statements haven’t been approved by the FDA


What to


Each session is quick and easy and has three cycles that are each 20 minutes in durations. The first cycle enhances circulation; the second cycle detoxifies by removing stored toxins and fats; the third cycle rehabilitates and tones targeted muscle groups.

To achieve the quickest results, it is recommended that you do at least 2 ElectroSlim sessions per week, though more can be done if desired.


What’s Included

  • Weekly measurements and weigh-ins
  • Monitoring by a trained ElectroSlim technician
  • Placement of up to 12 electrodes on skin for muscle stimulation
  • A relaxing environment (see our room below)




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