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Sifu Justin Cataldi

kali / jeet kune do

Sifu Justin teaches Kali / Jeet Kune Do which is a Filipino martial arts based system that incorporates-techniques from styles around the world, specializing in weapons such as sticks and knives . He also teaches Chinese internal gung fu such as Tai chi and Chinese external lama Kung fu as well as jeet Kune do concepts.

Sifu Justin Cataldi was born in Queens, NY in 1971 of Italian and Puerto Rican heritage. He started training in martial arts at the age of 13 in 1984. His first art was Tibetan Lama Kung Fu, he started his training under Sifu Steven Greenbaum, who created Postnet and was later featured on the TV show “Undercover Boss”. In 1990 Justin began training in MMA with David Howard who later became a black belt under world famous BJJ expert John Lewis. In 2000 Sifu Justin began training with Guro Rich Lamoureaux himself, where he took his training in Kickboxing , BJJ , Kung Fu, Jeet Kune Do and Filipino Martial Arts to the next level. He began training the same year with Sifu Jack Soderberg furthering his training in Tibetan Lama Kung Fu and Tai Chi.

In 2004 Justin trained with Big Ken Dinkins, a expert in street self defense, grappling and BJJ. He also had the honor of training with the Babao Family, SGM Val Pableo, Guro Igz Caz who trained under GM Yuli Romo, Kru John Balgame, and Sensei Henry Binerfa. To this day he continues to train, as one never stops learning, this is the way of the arts. As GM Danny would tell my Sifu Rich, “ Im a forever student of the arts.”